Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 17 Continued - We met Willie and followed him through the forest in our 4wd’s (about 3 other cars). It was obvious that here was a very friendly and warm person who was keen to share his culture with anyone who is interested. It was equally clear that he wanted to focus on the kids and so most of his discussion and question was directed at the children. His explanation of the art was fascinating as he tried to explain the aboriginal philosophy/belief system rather than simply showing pictures. His message was simple but strong and certainly resonated with all of us. The role of the family unit is crucial, man should live in harmony with nature and you need to aim for a calm life with less focus on material things. He believes many of the problems for both “black and white is the breakdown of family”(Willie said he can refer to black and white with no concern for political correctness). The time we spent with Willie was very precious and we appreciated the way he related to our children in a way that should have a lasting effect. The still speak fondly of Wille weeks later.

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Reader Wil said...

I am so glad that Willie Gordon has taken you also on a fascinating tour, so that you like me, are absolutely convinced that he is one of persons who can unite Australians in his own unique way. I see him as "the Keeper of the Flame". My daughter knows him better than I do, for she lives also in Cooktown. She has two half Aboriginal children by her first marriage.See my blog.