Monday, August 4, 2008

Days 27-30 continued - One other important factor that added tremendously to our time at Mission Beach was meeting the Hollands. I mentioned earlier in the blog from Wanga beach that their was a large van in a photo that was destined to play a greater part in our trip and this was the Holland family van. On the second day of our stay, I wandered down to the tourist info centre to get some maps. While I was their, I heard a couple asking about the best van park. Well as we had been having such a great time, I couldn’t help myself and started to sing the praises of Hideaway (our park). They seemed like nice people and they were most grateful. Well by the time I walked back to the park, they were setting up in the site behind us. We all introduced ourselves and it was obvious we were going to get on well. Chris and Kelly were farmers and it was interesting to learn about the modern world of farming (very different from what I had seen as a child). They ran a not so small business and had all of the business planning and goals of a top flight company, but more importantly, they and their children were genuine people and great fun to spend time with. We spent many hours of an evening after the kids were in bed discussing everything from business, sport and the plight of the Grey Nomads ( by the way the impressive van turns out to be Chris fathers). Their delightful children Broden, Taylar and Maddie enjoyed joining in any activities and a quick game of “World Series Beach Cricket” was a great laugh. Broden who is 14 was very patient with Harry who enjoyed having an older boy to “hang” with and I’m sure Harry will always remember this time fondly. Most of all it was great to see this family who really enjoyed spending time together and I will never forget leaving the beach one day when one of the family member said “Hey lets build a sand sculpture” and to a resounding chorus of “Yeah” they all started building a Crocodile (creative talent seemed to come from Dad). It was great to spend time with another family who enjoyed spending time with each other and us. Our only regret is that we were having so much fun, we didn’t take any photos (but we do have some first rate video footage of the cricket match thanks to Kelly). I’m sure we will stay in touch with the Hollands and hope we can perhaps have a cricket rematch one day.

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