Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 25 - Last night it poured all night, no leaks or any problems just not much sleep as we try to plan our “coastal holiday” around the rain. The plan was to pack up the van early, get Greased Lightning (Prado’s ne name) serviced and then onto Mission Beach. After waking at 4.30 am and checking the weather, it was clear the rain was here for a few days and nowhere else looked any drier (what a difference having wireless internet connection makes being able to constantly check weather, complete banking and look for information). So we decided to stay another night in Cairns rather than pack up the camper in the rain, move 150km’s and set up again in the rain. After the car was serviced we went to Cairns central shopping centre for lunch (bit like Southland/Macquarie). Interesting people watching (I have never seen thongs dressed up and down so much??). Harry and I then went to se KungFu Panda at the movies while the girls were keen to swim in the pool on the esplanade despite the light rain. Harry and I enjoyed the movie and it was great to see a kids movie with a strong message (believe in yourself grasshopper and everything will work out). The girls enjoyed the chilly swim and we joined them after the movie. By this stage the rain had stopped and I must admit the Cairns esplanade is very nice despite being set on the harbour mud flats. We then went for a play at Muddies playground which is also on the esplanade and would have to be one of the best set ups for playground/cafe we have seen. It was then my turn to cook and I needed to compete with the previous evenings masterpiece of 2 minute noodles and cheese. Fortunately my culinary skills were up to the task and we dined and went to bed.

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