Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 24- By now my opinion of the Grey Nomads (GN’s) is well known but alas today my view was well and truly disproved. We had four days sharing a beautiful part of Wanga Beach with Robyn and Ivan Wahronga (names changed to protect the innocent). During our stay, these two charming retirees became substitute grandparents as our children continually visted them in their brand new Winebago. They even gave the girls a tour and answered all their questions with concern and consideration. This has led me to now come up with a new segmentation system for the GNs
S&L’s (Sour and loaded)
These sad individuals have worked all their lives hoarding their money and now plan to spend it on a magnificent machine that may even handle re entry better than the Space Shuttle. You can tell these people as they spend a fortune on every perceivable piece of equipment and can be seen every day cleaning machine and accessories. Yes they have a toilet, shower etc but they have never been used “Nice to have them just in case”
These are the “been their done that” brigade. Never try to recommend or suggest anything to these people cause they will always have a better suggestion. On closer examination, you realise they are really destination seekers whose aim is to tick off a list of venues but rarely see anything outside the van park. These individuals can be seen arriving at the park before lunch, spending the afternoon setting up camp (including the satellite dish to receive 1,452 channels). Heading off to the camp kitchen to practice some one upmanship and then in bed by nine. The next morning they will be up early packing up in time to head off to the next park to get the pick of the sites.
“Ive bloody worked hard and I deserve this” Oh I am so sick of hearing this. These sorry group of individuals don’t believe anyone under the age of 70 deserves to share any part of this planet with them. I think these people have been sent off by their children who are celebrating everytime the van goes away from their home state. One family told us a story about the an IDT. They had been out trying to catch crabs for days and everyday they would see this male GN return with a boat full “Just a few for the Misus and me”. So after push from the father of this family, the man agreed to let them tag along and he would show them. They met the next morning and followed him to a fork in the river at which point he said you go that way and I’ll try this way. So the family went off and tried for a few hours with no luck. They then decided to see how he had got on, so they went back to the fork in the river where they saw him motoring along. As usual he had a boat full of at least 10 large crabs. Hen the family said they had no luck, he replied “not surprising, I’ve never caught anything down their” Do you think he offered them one lousy crab for their kids..... no way. As most of you know I’m not the most religious person but I hope God has a special place for these individuals and I hope it is hot uncomfortable and no seafood is on the menu. Sorry not very Christian of me.
But at last I can report there is one group to save the whole Grey Nomad group and these are simply “just nice people”. These people will lend a helping hand, laugh when your children throw a ball onto their awning and simply be there with a smile when things don’t go well. So thanks Robyn and Ivan for making this clearer to me.
Oh as for the day not much to report after farewelling Robyn and Ivan we travelled to Cairns with lousy weather, set the van up and made sure all was OK to have the mighty Prado serviced

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