Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 20 - People kept asking us “what was the best part of the trip?” For me, being so caught up in a busy corporate life, the answer was very simple. It was spending so much time with my wonderful family. One of the great joys of this adventure was watching our children wake up at eye level every morning. As I was the first one up each day, I would usually turn on the lap top (old habit) and try to capture the essence of our trip in this blog so the kids could have this record for ever. As I did this every morning, I saw the following wonderful procession daily. Firstly Harry would wake up ( just like me), open his eyes and greet the day with a comment such “mmm not so cool this morning” or “good morning for crumpets”. After which he would bounce out of bed with purpose and enthusiasm to greet the challenge of a new day. Next was Lucy. She would always take her time to wake up and slowly adjust to the temperature, sunlight and humidity of each day. I have learnt it is best to leave her to her own time and watch what happens. After a while she will slowly move and then suddenly like the sun exploding over the landscape, she will burst into the biggest smile and give you a cuddle just like she has not seen you for ten years. It would be worth staying up all night to wait for one of these. Bella like her Mum, loves her bed and would happily sleep all day. She takes an effort to rouse and usually pretends to be asleep and then you peel back the covers to see this beaming face. This ritual is something I never see at home but now have had the joy of watching it for weeks on end. It is something i will never tire of although, like many special things with our children, it will be gone before we know it.
This particular day the waking up cycle was much later than normal for the girls due to our very late night at the jungle bar. Harry and I together with the other children and dads took advantage of the late sleep in and went fishing for elusive Barra. Again no sight of fish but plenty of concern from me as we were fishing at the mouth of a creek, the place most likely to see a saltwater croc. Rest assured the reccomended 3 metre clearance from the waters edge was at least double for the Cook family. When we finally packed up we headed off to Wonga beach for a few days. When we arrived at the park we had been allocated the most amazing site under a huge curtain fig tree and the home to a multitude of peacocks. The kids immediately headed to the pool with Donna and then onto the beach while I was put in charge of the shopping. The kids and I unanimously agree that this was the best shopping ever done (as you would expect very little health food). The shopping bags were dominated by a combination of holiday treats and good value specials (great pasta sauce on special for only $1.69 vs the $3.89 we usually buy and it tasted better). That night we had a BBQ under the curtain fig tree complete with peacocks at our feet, very special. The photo below shows a very nice Grand Cruiser van parked on the opposite side of the fig tree, which un be known to us at the time, was destined to play a much greater part in our adventure further down the track

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