Monday, August 4, 2008

Days 27-30 continued - The Hideaway Fishing Fleet – When we first arrived in our site and saw a sign referring to the Hideaway Fishing fleet. We looked around and to our horror I could see boats and rods and all manner of device designed to increase ones chance of catching fish. I thought we would be in big trouble as my fishing prowess is minimal and despite three attempts by Harry and I to catch fish we had no luck. The first of this group we met was Judy (later we learnt she was the wife of the Commodore). She was immediately welcoming and friendly and it was obvious to all of us that we had found a good neighbour in this paradise. I then plucked u the courage to ask the men with the boat some advice about local fishing. Not only did we get advice but also bait and the loan of a very nice rod and reel already rigged for the local conditions. Of course despite this good help Harry and I had no luck but not to be deterred the Hideaway Fishing fleet offered us some of their freshly caught mackerel for dinner. A very generous offer, but when Donna asked for a recommendation on how best to cook it, they insisted on cooking it for us. Well the fish arrived lightly seasoned and better than anything I have had a Doyles, Sails or Nic’s Seafood at Darling Harbour. After dinner we went over with the girls to thank them for their generous culinary gift only to find these charming seniors having ice cream cones for dessert, and in their continued generosity insisted that they make one each for our three children. As our stayed continued we learnt more about this fun loving group who had established this tongue in cheek fishing fleet some five years earlier and have continued to enjoy the comradery of a like minded group that come together each year to enjoy their common love of fun fishing and frivolity. We learnt that each year they have a theme night dinner complete with fancy dress and awards for all manner of things. Their days are peppered with fishing, lunches, more fishing, shopping expeditions, more fishing, practical jokes and of course eating the fish. It was a privilege to be accepted into this glorious group of individuals. I was immediately reminded of the film Cocoon where a group of seniors discover the fountain of youth. I’m not sure wether it is the location of Mission beach, the mix of alcohol and omega three oils from the fish or the energy they receive from each other as they share this common interest but I can only hope that I too will find this fountain of youth in my senior years. So in conclusion to the Hideaway fishing Fleet (especially Ian, Judy, Boyd and Barbarra). Happy fishing, continued fun and thank you for your friendship and acceptance of our family in your paradise