Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day Two
The next morning we continued north. The kids really enjoyed playing in the morning ice and Bella and Lucy spent a great deal of time looking for Jack Frost. As always the kids travelled really well and it was during our second day of driving that the "Trip Song" was unanimously voted for as "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang (where did they go?... perhaps coming soon to the Glen Innes RSL..... by the way give this a miss for good food). When we say unanimously, of course Donna would never support such a daggy song but never the less we have her on video singing along vigorously. Day two was a more leisurely drive of 505kms and saw us stop at Tenterfield to re live the famous speech by Sir Henry Parkes given on the steps of the Tenterfield Arts Building inspiring Australians into federation. A far more important site for Wes, was the original saddlery of George Woolnough.... yes of course the Tenterfield saddler and grandfather of Peter Allen. After convincing the very friendly but over "Allened" assistant in the saddlery we all joined in for a rousing rendition of Tenterfield saddler ( the song really was very moving and seemed to mean a great deal in this small workshop where the saddler worked tirelessly for so many years....... the song makes a great comparison between life now and then............. go on, have another listen!). The second day almost saw the mighty Prado take on an Emu at 100kms plus (that was the Emu's speed). This one was going like the clappers and we only missed it by a few inches (Roh did we really need a bull bar???). We continued onto the main cotton district in Australia and stopped in Goondawindi to pay tribute to that great thouroughbred Gunsynd (Migs something about racing and getting a slice of the pie comes to mind!!). We spent the night in Miles at a quality van park/establishment sandwiched between the railway line and the highway. Actually it wasnt bad for $15 a night for a powered site and the world war two shower block was functional.
Day One
After leaving a little later than planned (7.30am vs 4.30am) we had breakfast at Maitland and stopped at the Golden Guitar in Tamworth for lunch (thanks to the trip director of sales... Harry Cook, we were convinced that McDonalds was the only reliable option with clean toilets, please note the father easily convinced and the toilets got the mother). After a few choice songs from the Dixie Chicks courtesy of Wes' Ipod (where does he get that music???) we continued onto Glen Innes where we stayed our first night (first days drive of 597 kms). It certainly was a baptism of fire (or should that be ICE) as the temperature dropped to minus 7 degrees). Thank goodness we had packed a not so carbon neutral electric fan heater and despite leaving a big carbon footprint on Glen Innes we were warm as toast (please dont blame the Cooks if the next hole in the ozone layer is over Glen Innes).

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