Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day Three

After a great nights sleep and filling up the Prado with diesel (I think we could have stayed in the van park for a full year with what the tank of diesel cost), we discovered that opposite the park was one of the greatest historical villages ever created but without any marketing (imagine what a few insertions into Australian Doctor could do for this place). If you ever find yourself close to Miles (formally known as Dogwood Crossing) allow at least 2-3 hours if you are sub 45 years old and perhaps a day or two if you are older (thats especially for our mum’s and dad’s) as this place has everything from our bygone Australian era. When I say everything I mean it from a full dentist set up from the late 1800’s to a full main street, bush hospital from the early 1900’s. It also has gemstones, cars, trains, a school, church etc. My favourite was a full story of the prickly pear disaster and details of the impact and solution (gotta love those cactoblastis moths hey Gra). After lunch under a windmill in a beautiful little town called Mitchell, we then continued onto Charleville as we really wanted to see the Royal Flying Doctors headquarters. Well it was a quaint town and very interesting to see how this dusty town could be totally flooded (to the point that they have built the Great Wall of Charleville around the town to stop any flooding in the future) however the RFDS headquarters was interesting but not earth shattering ( happy to watch this one on Australian Story on the ABC). By this time we really began to notice that the landscape was getting drier, dustier and reder.... but this was only the start. A bit further onto Augathella for the night and to Harry’s great joy another 8 year old boy to play soccer with. What is at Augathella I hear you ask.... that is the same question we were asking as we drove out the next day, with another 500kms unber the belt.

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