Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 16 - This day started as most other days with Harry and I heading to the shower and it was now that I realised how so many things had changed since leaving work a few weeks ago. In my new non corporate life, my major concern each morning was..........keeping my undies dry in the shower cubicles. I can hear you laughing but I would like to tyr an relate how serious this issue is and how a failure to meet this performance objective can spoil your day. I have spent a great deal of time sharing with Harry the important skill of keeping this important item dry and off the floor. These instructions include the sub topics of correct undie placement before you begin the shower (including making sure you don’t mix up the new and the old), the stork stand and careful aim required to get a wet foot through the dry undie leg hole. If you need further details please email for full explanation.
After having breakfast and packing up the van we headed for Cooktown about 215 km’s away. Along the way we stopped at the Lakeland coffee house which we were told is the best coffee north of Brisbane ( and we think they may be right). We arrived in Cooktown with a rousing rendition of “Celebration” that I’m sure would have even pleased Kool and his gang. It was a beautiful sunny day and we instantly fell in love with this frontier town (the kids insisted that it was named after us and told everyone they met). We went for a walk along a beautiful beach called Finches Bay however we were still not very sure about the Crocodiles at this stage and so stayed clear of the water. It seemed like everyone in the town was either on the way to Cape York or had just returned (this included an army squad we met on the road that were going all the way to the top for some reconnaissance). The only thing we didn’t love about Cooktown was the wind but a local told us that there were only two windy times, January to June and July to December. We checked into an excellent park that was recommended and it was perfect. We settled into a fantastic site, went for swim and enjoyed a BBQ that night.l

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