Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day Ten

Today we said goodbye to Steve and Carley who were moving on to King Fisher, packed up our camp and headed for Normanton.
We stopped in at Adeles Grove (11 kms from Lawn Hill) on the way out. As we had had such a lovely time at Lawn Hill we were considering staying a night there to continue the experience. Although the amenities were more comfortable than Lawn Hill we decided that we would be better to push on. We continued our trek out of the National Park and a couple of hours later with camper trailer almost completely black from mud we arrived at Gregory Downs for lunch. Gregory Downs is a one pub town, friendly locals but not much else. After a pie and chips (nothing else on the menu!) we continued east and then north to Normanton. There is very little along this stretch of road except lots of road kill, the odd ferral pig and thousands of termite mounds.
We arrived in Normanton late afternoon and set up camp in the caravan park near the Purple Pub.

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