Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 13 We woke at Undarra and had a full day planned at the park which included our own campfire that evening. In order to have a fire, you obviously needed wood and without an axe or chainsaw, we needed another plan. It soon dawned on Wes that the easiest way to get wood was to take it from others, but how could this be done legally? Simple, if you wait for people who are packing up, just ask them if they need the spare wood in their campsite. The answer was always “help yourself” except from the GN’s who said “No we cut it and we are taking it with us”. Have you ever seen sad grumpy old people loading rough chunks of cut timber into a $250,000 motor home. I’m sure the cost of the scratches inside the motor home are not worth the timber, but who am I to argue with the knowledgeable senior members of our community. After gathering wood, we started with a walk to the bluff look out followed by lunch at a swam with the wallabies.

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